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Is my spouse cheating on me

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Reasons for cheating :
Extramarital affairs don’t happen over night. There must be missing something in marriage from over the years which you may have missed if your spouse is having an extramarital affair.
There are subtle signs which can help you find out if your spouse is susceptible for an affair .
If your spouse is blaming you for cheating whereas you know you are honest. It may be a way to divert the attention from their dishonest behavior .
If the spouse feels they are cheated upon then they may do it to convert the score.

If the spouse says they need space without any valid reason, think about things. It’s like a job to be with you.
Spouse feels spouse is not happy with you. They will find the happiness somewhere else.
Spouse has a number of people depending emotionally upon & you are not part of it.
Spouse is making excuses about work, work related friends but is eager to meet all those people besides the work.
Spouse doesn’t care about you what & where you are & it’s a job for them to be with you.
When spouse uses irrational anger when you try to share your feelings.

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