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Anger Abuse in marriage – Marriage counselor Gurgaon

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Marriage Counselor in Gurgaon helps you deal with stress caused by the anger of spouse so you are able to deal with spouse triggers. As seen in numerous marriage counselling sessions the abuser can be husband or wife. Anger, abuse…
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Is my spouse cheating on me

best marriage counselor in delhi and gurgaon

Reasons for cheating : Extramarital affairs don’t happen over night. There must be missing something in marriage from over the years which you may have missed if your spouse is having an extramarital affair. There are subtle signs which can…
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Sexless Marriage ? #MarriageCounselorInDelhi – Missing Sexual Desire ?

#MarriageCounselorInDelhi explains about #sexless #Marriage Feel rejected or you are rejecting your #spouse to be #intimate ? Feel spouse left you sitting to rot in your own #sadness and despair? The guilt you feel right now will become anger in…
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