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Case Study : Wife told husband to sleep in other room counselling for marriage in to bring him back

Case Study : why wife had to tell her husband to sleep in other room till he is what she desires to be him. Wife opted counselling for marriage by iNtegra to bring him back in her life after she told him to get out of her room but not of her life.

Two things to notice here :

She doesn’t want him to be out of her life.
She just wants peace.
She wants him to know what is important for her.
She want’s him to know she is in control of her life.
Wife needs space.
Wife needs individual counselling from someone who not biased to let he know she is right as per whatever.
Wife needs to know if her husband loves her today.
Wife is insecure about her security as a person with values.

Case study : This is a case study only of a case during marriage counselling session of a couple in marriage counselling by a counselor : Any names & locations are not disclosed. All case studies are written only with permission of the client on the condition of not disclosing real names.

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