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Best Marriage counselor in Delhi, guides Effective communication for Happy Marriage

Best Marriage counselor in Delhi, guides Effective communication for Happy Marriage.
Noncommunication leads to misunderstandings & expectation not met from the spouse. Spouse will only come to know what you are expecting when you speak to the spouse clearly what is that you are expecting. Usually, due to ego or past hurt, one spouse goes in shell & stops communicating. The second partner doesn’t know what’s in spouse mind, so there is no way they both will understand each other. Peaceful communication in marriage does not happen overnight. However, it is a daily choice.

When marriage is in trouble or you are not happy in marriage then it’s important to talk clearly what needs are not being met, but noncommunication makes matter worst. Slowly one partner starts believing my spouse is not making efforts & doesn’t care. Now if no one cares for you will you care for them ?

This couple goes in a circle of noncommunication where both are imagining their own life without their spouse. One day a small trigger blows the lid. They speak to each other about all the negative thoughts they had been thinking about during this noncommunication period. This burst of anger takes an ugly turn where now you know how bad your spouse think of you or things spouse said during that burst.
All marriages have conflict; it is those who learn to fight fair who make it through the rough times with their relationship intact.

Learning to understand your spouse and their emotional language is far more important than trying to force your own opinions and thoughts. When you listen to your spouse, your spouse will be more willing to listen to you.

We at iNtegra guides you what you doing wrong in communication & what’s you can improve while talking with spouse or family members.

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