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Infidelity Recovery Counseling in Delhi

Infidelity Recovery Counseling is for couples who are having arguments about an extra person in life or extra-marital suspicion has become an issue.

Probably one spouse sees unusual behavior. One spouse is on blackberry while hiding it or on whatsapp messenger & deletes the history. If one spouse is on the phone late nights for hours. It’s not necessarily he or she is having an affair but if spouse has confessed to emotional feelings towards another person then you should meet iNtegra Counsellors as couple or individually.Infidelity-cheating-counselling-delhi-gurgaon

There is a difference in privacy & secrecy. Private stuff you share with your spouse but if you are keeping secrets from the spouse are they really worth keeping secrets. When a spouse is hiding some things or not sharing their thoughts or emotions, eventually sooner or later there will be distance created in both. One spouse may feel neglected whereas other spouses feel rejected because there is no response. Non-communication, hiding, lies, anger, ego, low self-esteem etc.. comes in a couples life. If not communicated on time eventually this becomes marriage breaker. So get help now.

All information is kept confidential, you may feel free to share your experience onsite if you like afterward.


  1. Parul

    i had an affair now its no more ,,but i am in depression .
    I don’t know what to reveal what not to reveal
    need counselling to recover from my extra martial affair. i would prefer in Gurgaon.
    Can i come today ?
    Pls call me asap as this is too painful.
    call me parul @ ########

  2. Suparna

    My husband lies about everything. He has an infatuation affair with her colleague as well. I’m not able to trust him. He says he want this marriage but his actions speak differently. Help
    my ph #########


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