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Why we are hurt by the ones We Love the most?

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Do you feel I unconditionally selflessly gave them our life, I dedicated my life to them but they can’t understand even the basics of love that they can’t fulfill our need of acceptance, gratitude to be loved ?
#Marriage #counselor in #Delhi explains from the notes of a session where empathy was missing in the spouse.
You have never yelled at a co-worker or insulted a neighbor. You have never made kids at the playground cry. Yet you have done each of these and more to the people you love most dearly ? or they have done to you ?

Partner humiliates you but you still trying to figure out what did you do wrong.
Always it’s my way for them ?
There is no compassion ?
Feels like you are lonely & have no rights in the #relationship ?
What is the compassionate road to change?
Partner exhibits selfish behavior, dominate & puts you down emotionally.
Marriage has been so long that your mind has altered but now you can’t take it anymore ? & want to change the marriage happiness.
Always feel ignored in the marriage ?
Spouse is very intimidating & you feel sad, but before they were sweet but now changed.
You always feel like surrendering ?
Spouse is self-absorbed & demanding
Spouse is always demanding.
Spouse is UN-resourceful.
Spouse is a perfectionist.
Spouse is emotionally detached. Feels like emotions are missing. emotionally silent.
Spouse loves them only. preoccupied to achieve self-image, there is no connection for other persons in life.
Inlaws may have not taught him compassion in childhood.
No matter what you do it’s never enough for them ?
Manipulation & control over you drives them.
Spouse feels like high maintaining type?
Put you down for small emotional needs ?
Responds to you i don’t know what you want from me ?

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