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Drinking smoking became problem for newly wed couple : Marriage Counselor Delhi

Marriage Counselor Delhi explains about a case study of newly wed couple.

Newly married case study ::
Got married though the matrimonial site, spoke to each other got parents agreed then got married. Both are vegetarians, said a little drink socially, smokes once in six months. He is a self-made person, never interference as been out for years. There were cultural differences but it sounded ok as we will adjust, so wife persuaded parents for this marriage.
Husband even got court marriage papers to get married, but wife said parents are not ready yet & my parents are renowned people in the society, so it will not look good for the reputation for parents. Wife went to a remote location where the husband was working but was shocked that he is drinking all the time. Over the weekends instead of brushing teeth he is drinking, so drinking became a shock so much that he fell off, couldn’t walk. Wife went in shock as she got married to him against her parent’s wishes. Circumstances were like this that wife couldn’t tell parents that he is drinking so much. In the morning he is smoking, leaves office chair & smokes which she hates. She couldn’t face the parents face if she goes back to parents house. Wife thought of even starting a new life by going to a different city, he promised on a new year that I won’t drink or smoke but all the promises were broken by him. Wife was open enough that he can drink socially but it was a betrayal of trust. A lot of trauma going on wife’s mind who she should speak to about this. Mother in law demanded that some clothes for her daughter (sister in law) should be made by wife’s parents (it was not dowry may be some ritual being an old traditional mother). If a husband says something then mother says kul ki ayee ludki humein batayegi. Husband is busy on WhatsApp in the family group, not concerned about wife she is feeling lonely. Now wife feels may be we got in a hurry instead of wanting to know more about his character beliefs behavior etc we fell in love & got married. Husband physically abused she felt her head is being hit the wall.
Mother in law had a problem what wife’s sister sent him as a gift she wanted to take it all, it was a shock for the wife when the old stuff is given by mother in law as new stuff. Mother in law comparing chudda that it is of plastic but others are wearing elephants teeth artifacts. Mother in law asking about where is your jewelry. If your parents would have given more gold it’s prestigious for society. Wife went in tears after listening the demands of the mother in law wishes. Though mother in law is nice sometimes she comes hugs keep asking beta what’s wrong with you. Wife feels he has no fascination towards me, but more fascinated about cigarettes. Instead of gifts mother-in-law said it would be better if your parents will give cash, as you don’t have good taste. husband says he is drinking because wife’s relation is not good with her mother in law.
We understood each other. Never revealed that I smoke or drink.
In her family smoking & drinking is a crime. Wife can’t submerge to a person with a person who is drunk & stinking of cigarettes. Husband is yelling screaming all the time. mother in law keeps saying how much money she has given to her son to set up his business so many times, the wife feels why she is being told about the money she gave to her son. Mother keeps reminding her son the amount of money he owes. Wife had refused a number of proposals before marriage due to people drinking. The physical abuse went too much, abuses went harsh day by day. Mother in law says that your husband is drinking because of you. Everything is shared by the husband to his mother. Mother in law was too much of interfering, it was irritating. After physical abuse lot of times when he gets sober he used to apologize deeply that forgive me for physical abuse.
How long I have to take this abuse,
Her mother started saying why your mother is so loud instead of understanding I feel being from Punjabi family we are loud in speaking.
Instead of going to honeymoon couple went to a hill station where his parents are staying.
Wife got upset that instead of going for the honeymoon we came to hill station to in-laws home, so instead of enjoying hill station she is cribbing about that we came to in-laws house instead of going to overseas vacation.
In arguments, wife says that I hit her & beat her head in wall & tortured her feet., tumhara khandaan aisa hai – your family is all same. You will be in jail for 6 years. Father of the girl got CT scan because daughter complaining about pain in the head, doctors said nothing wrong with her she is under a lot of stress.
No one understood why and what is happening to me, parents came & said don’t drink so i stopped drinking.

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