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Marriage counselor gurgaon explains Inlaws interfernece

How Inlaws issue can ruine a beautiful love marriage if marriage counselling is not taken

10 years of love marriage but is being influenced by parents in laws.
Wife feels Inlaws don’t like the wife, they started hating wife. Peeth piche burai kurte hain
small issues like what type of clothes wife wears, mother in law has a problem.
Sister in law makes faces when she comes to her mother house.
SIL keeps crying, but wife didn’t respond back. Husband wanted the wife to touch feets of mother & a sister.
Husband never took stand for wife, never tried to find out the reason what wife has problem
MIL gave abuses to wife & her parents.
Husband says don’t share anything with me , go share with your mother instead of sharing with me.
Husband gets irritated when the wife complains about his mother even.
Husband can abusive words (gali) to the wife but the wife can’t abuse back.
Husband went to the job by leaving the wife at home alone with mother in law.
Mother in law keeps on saying to grandkids that your mother is bad because she hits you.
Husband can never listen to anything against his parents, in-laws helped financially but now husband says it was a mistake that we took money from my parents.
Parents used to give gunda (bad) treatment to me but I have to take all that.
Hamesha (always) I am wrong, if I share something he has a problem that I can’t share in front of parents if I have issues who should I talk to.
If the wife goes & meets her parent’s inlaws have a problem.
Inke liye kabhi inke parents gult nahin hain., a husband will talk to parents when he is insulted but doesn’t take a stand for a wife.
Mother in law says so what if the wife leaves we will get you remarried again.


Husband feels wife should compromise, if i say that she should compromise, she never compromise.
Days & nights passed by to please her.
Wife keeps on anger for long, i listen to her calmly but it continues for long time, she raises her voice.
Husband fears public humiliation, fears from the loud voice of wife on small things.
If i help wife in kitchen she has problem.
People come to know about our fights, with her loud voice.
When parents are not there then still she has problems from me.
I say what I can when they ae wrong but they are older & there is limited I can say to parents, she feels that i should raise my voice on my parents.
She keeps on linking my parents on every topic she can, even on old stuff which has nothing to do with my parents.
How much a husband can listen patiently. If after marriage i can’t talk to parents or go out.
Sari raat wife ne zor zor bolna gusse mein baat kurti hai, with gult (wrong) wording. why she can’t share calmly when she has issues from me.

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