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Marriage Counselor in Gurgaon helps you deal with stress caused by the anger of spouse so you are able to deal with spouse triggers. As seen in numerous marriage counselling sessions the abuser can be husband or wife. Anger, abuse is a behavior & it’s not specific to any gender. Yes, it’s possible to change.

The atmosphere at home is like a Dysfunctional Family which creates kiosk can be one of the reasons for depression. Anger conflicts abuses don’t project a good influence on children.
When spouse gets angry at small incidents & burst out anger in a demeaning way that you are left shocked. Anger by the spouse which leaves you speechless at that moment because you feel the anger is irrational for the incident. You try to give the rational response of the even try explaining the event that their anger is unjustified but your response triggers another blame on you.
This leaves you confused that you were unable to justify the anger on the current incident but now you are dealing with other blames which are not called for at this time. iNtegra marriage counselor can help you understand the root cause of the conflict.

Is anger a natural response or something else is bothering the spouse which is triggering this irrational response. See if you feel something like this during the anger of the spouse :

  • Spouse feels they are perfect You feel it’s Dysfunctional ego of the spouse .
  • You feel rejected, ridiculed & mockery by the spouse even though you feel you are not at fault.
  • You feel spouse has some kind of permanent resentment towards you.
  • You feel insulted by the anger of the spouse due to critical remarks/blames.
  • You feel tormented by the anger of the spouse. You feel you are being provoked for crying or display your reaction in anger, but it’s a natural reaction you have due to helplessness.
  • Sometimes you feel spouse is getting angry purposefully as there is nothing to get angry about. Sometimes the spouse is carrying over their workplace anger at home.

There are times when you are abused minimized harmed again and again & emotions come out like you are shaken up then you go into self-protection mode. You want the spouse to hear your pain how their abuse is hurting you. You feel you are being violated & want to reach for safety.

Anger of spouse can be on any topic & they may say something like this :

  • you are talking to your family.
  • you are not wearing proper attire.
  • you are not taking care of finances.
  • you are not taking care of your health.
  • you are not taking care of the children.
  • You don’t have time for the family.
  • You are not hygienic.
  • You have no friends.
  • You have irrational anger or understandable emotions or blame that you are oversensitive.


If your response to any of the above which you feel were irrational blames (what do you mean) then they respond back

  • If you do understand how to behave & not make me angry.
  • You are oversensitive.
  • You are insane, you are terrible.
  • You are playing a victim.
  • Let me call your parents and tell them how you are misbehaving with me.
  • You keep on talking with people outside about our problems.
  • You crib all the time.
  • Everyone agrees with me, you are crazy.
  • I handle so many people at the office & they love me you telling me I have the anger issue.
  • You should have known this is not the time you should have brought this topic at this time.
  • You provoke me to this state.
  • You are delusional, your family doesn’t even like you.
  • You are nagging me.
  • You are paranoid.

The conversation just goes on like above in a circular manner. After all the conversation with the spouse who is angry, the topic of argument just shifts to blames & criticization, character assassination. To get help with how to handle situations like these meet the iNtegra counselor to understand the dynamics of emotions & how to handle them in situations like the above.

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